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rabbi3Rabbi David J.B. Krishef grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Hebrew and Jewish Studies.  Following a two year stint as a program director at the University of Minnesota Hillel Foundation (serving students at Carleton and Macalester colleges), he entered the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, where he received ordination in 1994.

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Exploring what it means to LIVE Torah ...
  1. Divre Harav – January/2019

    Rabbi Joshua says, “The evil eye, the selfish impulse, and hatred for people take a person out of the world.” Pirke Avot 2:16 Rabbi Joshua gives us three things to avoid, all behaviors that take a person out of the … Continue reading
  2. Divre Harav – December/2018

    [Rabbi Eliezer continues,] “Warm yourself by the fire of the sages, but be careful of their coals, so you don’t get burned. For their bite is the bite of a fox, and their sting is the sting of a scorpion, … Continue reading
  3. Divre Harav – November/2018

    Rabbi Eliezer says, “Let your respect for your fellow be as precious to you as that for yourself. Don’t be easy to anger. Repent one day before you die.”  Pirke Avot 2:15a Rabbi Eliezer opens with the fundamental truth that … Continue reading
  4. Divre Harav – October/2018

    Rabbi Yohanan ben Zakkai had five disciples, and asked each of them, “Go and look about: what is the path of goodness to which one should cleave?” Rabbi Eliezer said, “a good eye.” Rabbi Yehoshua said, “a good colleague.” Rabbi … Continue reading
  5. Divre Harav – September/2018

    Rabbi Yohanan ben Zakkai would say, if you have learned much Torah, don’t claim credit for yourself, because it is for this you were created. Pirke Avot 2:9 Rabbi Yohanan ben Zakkai may be talking about Torah study, but his … Continue reading
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