Israel and Belle Shapiro Educational Endowment Fund

Congregation Ahavas Israel believes that a strong and healthy congregation requires an educated laity.  It is our responsibility to educate not only our children, but our adults as well.  To this end, we have an adult education scholarship fund called the Israel and Belle Shapiro Educational Endowment Fund.  The fund exists so members of Ahavas Israel can participate in a programs of serious adult Jewish education, such as Hebrew ulpans, online or in Israel, to improve his/her Hebrew skills; summer school programs such as those offered by the Jewish Theological Seminary or the American Jewish University, to study Bible, Talmud, history, philosophy, etc.

Recipients of Ahavas Israel scholarships are expected to volunteer for a Board or Committee, develop and run an educational or religious program, or in some other way share their learning with others at Ahavas Israel.

To download an application, click here.

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