Horn, Dara  All Other Nights. By the recent Shabbat visitor to Ahavas Israel during the time of her teaching at Calvin College in a course in literature technique given by multiple scholars, winner of  the National Jewish Book Award for Fiction for two novels. An “astonishing” storyteller who has written an extraordinary novel of the American Civil War period.

Horn, Dara, In the Image: A Novel. Considered a work of “raw genius”, a highly innovative novel dealing with themes of Hebrew legend, Yiddish folklore, romance and tragedy.

Krauss, Pesach and Goldfischer, Morrie, Why Me? Coping with Grief, Loss, and Change. A book on ethics and faith by a chaplain in a large medical center in New York.  Using empathy, tenacity, and innovative wisdom, the principal author Rabbi Krauss reaches into the heart of the patient and the soul of the reader.

Weinbach, Rabbi Mendel (Ed.) and Subar, Rabbi Reuven (Adapt. by)    The Essential Malbim-Flashes of Insight on Bereishis/Genesis. This work represents a collaboration of two rabbis living in Israel, one a product of our own Ahavas Israel (Richard Subar), dealing with the work of a nineteenth century Torah giant of Eastern Europe, as part of a new  ArtScroll series.

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