Blinder, Rabbi Y. et al (ed),  Ramban: Commentary on the Torah-Leviticus; The completion of our set of the five books of Moses with the commentary of Ramban (Nachmanides).

Dodd, Senator Christopher J., Letters from Nuremberg: My Father’s Narrative of a Quest for Justice; A captivating account of the trial with detail, intrigue and daily drama, re: Goering, Speer, von Ribbentrop, and entourage.

Glazer, Henry, I Thank Therefore I Am: Gateways to Gratefulness; Our recent Scholar in Residence.

Hochauser, Herbert (lecturer),  Holocaust: Nazi Physician Practice and the Ongoing Attempt to Mete Out Justice; From the Maimonides lecture, here as a CD, (was presented at Ahavas on November 8).

Lewis, Shari, One-Minute Jewish Stories; A youth book, with biblical and folk tales.

Lowe, Carl, Three Centuries of Jewish Life in America; (OVERIZE) A pictorial history from Columbus (some of his seamen) onward, including outstanding persons and events.  Beautifully illustrated.

Slater, Robert, Great Jews in Sports; (OVERSIZE) Many familiar figures in baseball, football, boxing-Mel Allen,Greenberg, Barney Ross, Red (Arnold) Auerbach, Benny Leonard, and others.

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