Asch, Sholem; The Apostle. A novel of the inter-Biblical period, including characters such as Sol of Tarshish, Rabban Gamaliel and the Pharisees. With strong messianic overtones.

Birnbaum, Philip; Abridged Mishneh Torah of Maimonides. With Hebrew text and English translation.

Sasso, Sandy Eisenberg; A Prayer for the Earth - The Story of Nanmah, Noah’s Wife. (A youth book). She gathers seeds, bulbs, roots,  etc., and lets in the animals. Beautifully illustrated.

Goldstein, Rebecca; Mazel-A Novel. Sasha, a rabbi’s daughter, leaves her Polish shtetl and  joins a Yiddish actors’ troupe in Warsaw. Very beautiful and bright, Sasha expounds on her mazel, finding herself in the New World. A multi-generational novel by an author with a number of other works to her credit, and the recipient of a 1991 Writer’s Award. Goldstein has been a teacher of creative writing at Columbia University, New York.

Spinelli, Jerry; Milkweed. (A youth book). A novel about a young boy from an orphanage in Warsaw during WWII. A character in this book is Doctor Korczak, a person who was commemorated at Yad Vashem in Israel.

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