Ben-Gurion, David. The Jews in Their Land. (with Nurock, M. and Louvish, M., - Transl, Hebr.). A  panoramic view of Jewish history in text and illustration, from the Biblical, post Biblical and up to the modern eras. An overview in six parts, individually authored, the last one by Ben-Gurion himself. An unusual volume, historic, pictorial, interpretive.

Cantor, Aviva. Jewish Women Jewish Men: The Legacy of Patriarchy in Jewish Life. Analyzing patriarchy in Jewish history, the book is an illuminating look at our history as seen through the eyes of contemporary feminine theory. The author views gender and social relationships in Judaism, including the significance of Queen Esther in the Purim story.  The author is a journalist, and founder and coeditor of the publication Lilith.

 Paretsky, Sara. Total Recall. A mystery of historic fiction, involves the tale of the handling of Holocaust assets extracted from European Jewry. Gripping and suspenseful, a possible classic in detective fiction, by a noted and acclaimed writer.

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