Dayan, Yael. Israel Journal, June 1967. Memoir with diary of her military experience in the Six Days War of 1967 and its aftermath. She was also a novelist, and has had three novels published.

Dubov, Rabbi Nissan Dovid. Discovering Jewish Mysticism: The Key to Kabbalah, Book One. A primer on Kabbalah, extremely well written, concise, contains the key historic and philosophic concepts which define the broad Jewish movement.

Elbogen, Ismar. Jewish Liturgy: A Comprehensive History. (With transl., Raymond P. Scheindlin; ed.,Joseph Heinemann, et al.). Jewish liturgy, history, known sources of Jewish prayer. Includes the Tannaic period, before the destruction of the second Temple, and the subsequent Amoraic (talmudic) period, following into the modern era.

Fishof, Iris. Jewish Art Masterpieces from the Israel Museum. Ms. Fishof, the chief curator at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. Includes 48 treasures in color, representing Ashkenazi, Sephardi, and Oriental art, an ivory pomegranate thought to be from Solomon’s Temple, and a seventeenth century synagogue reconstituted for display in the Israel Museum.

Schloss, Ezekiel (Design and Art Supervisor). Bible Stories for Jewish Children. A youth book, with black and white and also color illustrations; covers the Tenakh, e.g.  including Joshua, Queen Esther, Ezra, Nehemiah, Daniel.

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