The three specialty cookbooks listed in this edition are too late for Passover 2011, but will definitely be worth the wait for next year.

Bernstein, Deborah;  Secrets of Fat-free Kosher Cooking: Over 150 Low-fat and Fat-free Traditional and Contemporary Recipes - from matzoh balls to kugel.

Foer, Joshua:  Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything. This book is a must for Torah-readers, Talmudists who have long wondered how Talmud was remembered before the era of the printing press, and readers of all secular books, e.g. Homer’s “Odyssey” or the “Iliad,” before a printing press was ever dreamed possible. This book is a scientific exploration written as nonfiction, with a humorous, engaging style. “Where did I ever put my keys?” The answer is of course almost anywhere. But with certain tricks or habits of mindfulness, you might well remember for next time, and along the way, perhaps win an international contest of memory involving so-called ”memory athletes,” as did the author himself, a perpetual key-loser.

Schulman, Zell J; Something Different for Passover. A cookbook-for Seder, weekday Passover, desserts.

Wasserman, Debra; No Cholesterol Passover Recipes