Engelson, Morris. The Heavenly Time Machine-Essays on Science and Torah. Inquiring, in 2001,  into creation, space, time, and the universe in terms of quantum mechanics, relativity theory, and “Big Bang cosmology, one finds full accord with the Torah in its deepest level of meaning.

Ochs, Vanessa L.  Inventing Jewish Ritual. The author of this JPS publication is an associate professor at the University of Virginia, who shows how new 21st century Jewish ritual enhances the total Jewish experience. A  powerful case study analyzing the lives of American Jews.

Orringer, Julie. The Invisible Bridge-A Novel. This new novel  (2011) of war–ton lovers in Europe-Hungary, Paris, and then the labor camps of the Holocaust-a story of the survival of the luckiestand not that of the fittest.  Stated to be a first novel by an exceptionally talented writer winning high acclaim.

St. John, Robert. The Man Who Played God-A novel about Hungary and Israel 1944-1956.  The background is the Holocaust period and the trading of Jewish lives for Nazi demands, culminating in Israel 10 years later with an inquiry into the Jewish participation in the process. 

Yezierska, Anzia.  Bread Givers-A struggle between a father of the old world and a daughter of the new. A novel about immigrant America in New York City in the 1920’s, about a determined young woman who bucks the tide of anti-feminism present of both Judaism and America in this period.