1. Dan, Joseph (Ed.). The Heart and the Fountain. An Anthology of Jewish Mystic Experience.

Covers the early period in Jewish mysticism including the pioneer Rabbi Shimon; later, the Zohar, Ba’al Shem Tov, and Nahman of Brat Slav, among others.


2.Grossman, David. To the End of the Land. A Novel.

(Jessica Cohen, transl., from the Hebrew)

Presents the period after the Yom Kippur war involving a fictional, but very gripping, family relationship. The author is a prize-winning writer involved in fiction, nonfiction and children’s literature. His work has been translated into 30 languages.

3.Shavit, Ari, My Promised Land. This is a work of nonfiction by a fourth-generation immigrant to the Holy Land, descendant of the author’s great-grandfather who made aliah in 1897 from Great Britain. In 19th century Europe, this forbearer, who had gained prominence in England, determined that there was to be no long-term future for Jews in England, Europe or anywhere outside of the Holy Land.

  1. Pogroms, attacks, destruction of Jewish persons and property were rife in Eastern Europe. The forbearer sensed that an        incident such as the Dreyfuss affair yet to come would erupt in Western Europe. The flight from the ghetto would be a flight to        nowhere. The pogroms and atrocities and the response to them told their own story.

    Shavit, the author, has complete command of the historic times in Palestine, from those of his British antecedent and to the present. He is at present a journalist with Haaretz. He also has complete command of the English language. His prose is beautiful, at times poetic, with grammatical construction approximating that of the Bible itself.


4. Taylor, Peter Lane-and with Christos Nicola. The Secret of Priest’s Grotto, A Holocaust Survival Story.

A color-photograph pictorial history of survival in the Russian Ukraine for 150 days by 31 people, many of them children, in a large cave literally under the noses of Nazi German soldiers. (The volume is to be catalogued as a youth book.)

The author is a writer and film-maker. He has produced programs for NBC, BBC, and the Australian Broadcasting Company. He spent 30 years exploring caves in the Ukraine and other countries, and this experience is applied to the present book and to his programs. The book grew out of an article initially appearing in National Geographic magazine.


   5. The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob (1973)

   Louis de Funes (Actor), (DVD)

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