Library Aquisitions - May 211

Kaplan, Aryeh (Transl., Introd., and Commentary); The Bahir: Illumination. Attributed to Rabbi Nehunia ben haKana, master of a first century esoteric school. First published in 1176 by the Kabbalists at Provence. Cited by every primary text in Kabbalah, frequently by the Ramban, printed in 1651. It contains one of the earliest presentations of the ten Sefirot. It includes a discussion of the concept of reincarnation, also Tzimzum which is the self-constriction of G-d’s light. Part Two of this book consists of a 95 page commentary by the author Aryeh Kaplan.

Kaplan, Aryeh; Sefer Yetzirah: The Book of Creation - InTheory and Practice. Oldest Kabbalah text known, quoted as early as in the 6th century BCE. Mentioned in reference to Rabbis Akiva and Elazar in Talmud, and by Kabbalists of 16th century Safed.

Levy, Naomi; Hope Will Find You: My Search for the Wisdom to Stop Waiting and Start Living. Rabbi Levy was in the first class for rabbis that included women at the Jewish Theologic Seminary. At age 26, she became one of the first Conservative rabbis in the world. This book was written in response to her own crisis in which she found herself the mother of a 5 year old daughter diagnosed with a rare neurological degenerative disease thought to be fatal. The book has been described as a beautiful, poignant response which keeps alive one’s celebration and gratitude for life. Rabbi Naomi was the March 2011 Scholar-in Residence for the Jewish Federation, Temple Emanuel and Congregation Ahavas Israel in Grand Rapids.

Levy, Naomi; Talking To G-d: Personal Prayers for Times of Joy, Sadness, Struggle and Celebrations.

Levy, Naomi; To Begin Again: The Journey Toward Comfort, Strength, and Faith in Difficult Times. This book tells of Rabbi Levy’s response to her father’s mindless murder when she was 15 years old. How, with faith, prayer, and trust, she was able to set her life back on track, becoming a beacon for others.

Library Acquisitions - March 2011

Dayan, Yael. Israel Journal, June 1967. Memoir with diary of her military experience in the Six Days War of 1967 and its aftermath. She was also a novelist, and has had three novels published.

Dubov, Rabbi Nissan Dovid. Discovering Jewish Mysticism: The Key to Kabbalah, Book One. A primer on Kabbalah, extremely well written, concise, contains the key historic and philosophic concepts which define the broad Jewish movement.

Elbogen, Ismar. Jewish Liturgy: A Comprehensive History. (With transl., Raymond P. Scheindlin; ed.,Joseph Heinemann, et al.). Jewish liturgy, history, known sources of Jewish prayer. Includes the Tannaic period, before the destruction of the second Temple, and the subsequent Amoraic (talmudic) period, following into the modern era.

Fishof, Iris. Jewish Art Masterpieces from the Israel Museum. Ms. Fishof, the chief curator at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. Includes 48 treasures in color, representing Ashkenazi, Sephardi, and Oriental art, an ivory pomegranate thought to be from Solomon’s Temple, and a seventeenth century synagogue reconstituted for display in the Israel Museum.

Schloss, Ezekiel (Design and Art Supervisor). Bible Stories for Jewish Children. A youth book, with black and white and also color illustrations; covers the Tenakh, e.g.  including Joshua, Queen Esther, Ezra, Nehemiah, Daniel.

Library Aquisitions - February 2011

Ben-Gurion, David. The Jews in Their Land. (with Nurock, M. and Louvish, M., - Transl, Hebr.). A  panoramic view of Jewish history in text and illustration, from the Biblical, post Biblical and up to the modern eras. An overview in six parts, individually authored, the last one by Ben-Gurion himself. An unusual volume, historic, pictorial, interpretive.

Cantor, Aviva. Jewish Women Jewish Men: The Legacy of Patriarchy in Jewish Life. Analyzing patriarchy in Jewish history, the book is an illuminating look at our history as seen through the eyes of contemporary feminine theory. The author views gender and social relationships in Judaism, including the significance of Queen Esther in the Purim story.  The author is a journalist, and founder and coeditor of the publication Lilith.

 Paretsky, Sara. Total Recall. A mystery of historic fiction, involves the tale of the handling of Holocaust assets extracted from European Jewry. Gripping and suspenseful, a possible classic in detective fiction, by a noted and acclaimed writer.

Library Aquisitions - January 2011

Idel, Moshe; Absorbing Reflections: Kabbalah and Interpretation. With forward by Harold Bloom. A book on the interpretation of Kabbalah by the winner of the 1989 National Jewish Book Award. Also voted winner of the annual Best Book award in the religious category, by Present Tense Magazine.

Kimmel, Eric A; The Chanukah Guest. A youth book.

Secrest, Meryl; Somewhere for Me: A Biography of Richard Rogers. Rogers, a Jewish composer, lived from 1902 to 1979. Meryl Secrest has also written biographies on Stephen Sondheim, Leonard Bernstein, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Salvador Dali.

Weiss, Raymond L with Charles Butterworth; Ethical Writings of Maimonides. A comprehensive overview of Maimonides’ thought.  Includes natural and secular law and their relation to religious authority, revelation and reason in the sphere of ethics, and Maimonides’ views on the Messianic era.

Library Acquisitions - October, 2010

Krauss, Laura; Moishe’s Mirage: A Hanukkah Story. (Slonim, David, Illustrator) Youth book on a Jewish holiday. A story of magic and mysticism, beautifully illustrated.
Pliskin, Zelig; Life is Now: Creating Moments of Joy, Courage, Kindness and Serenity. With ethical and psychological insights as defined in Judaism, rooted in Torah.
Stern, Steven; The Frozen Rabbi. Stern, a superb stylist and highly creative, marches through the Diaspora. Hilarious, yet sensitive, perfectly balanced between laughter and tears. Steven Stern - author of several novels and winner of the National Jewish Book Award.
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