Library Aquisitions - September 2010

Asch, Sholem; The Apostle. A novel of the inter-Biblical period, including characters such as Sol of Tarshish, Rabban Gamaliel and the Pharisees. With strong messianic overtones.

Birnbaum, Philip; Abridged Mishneh Torah of Maimonides. With Hebrew text and English translation.

Sasso, Sandy Eisenberg; A Prayer for the Earth - The Story of Nanmah, Noah’s Wife. (A youth book). She gathers seeds, bulbs, roots,  etc., and lets in the animals. Beautifully illustrated.

Goldstein, Rebecca; Mazel-A Novel. Sasha, a rabbi’s daughter, leaves her Polish shtetl and  joins a Yiddish actors’ troupe in Warsaw. Very beautiful and bright, Sasha expounds on her mazel, finding herself in the New World. A multi-generational novel by an author with a number of other works to her credit, and the recipient of a 1991 Writer’s Award. Goldstein has been a teacher of creative writing at Columbia University, New York.

Spinelli, Jerry; Milkweed. (A youth book). A novel about a young boy from an orphanage in Warsaw during WWII. A character in this book is Doctor Korczak, a person who was commemorated at Yad Vashem in Israel.

Library Acquisitions - Summer, 2010

Horn, Dara  All Other Nights. By the recent Shabbat visitor to Ahavas Israel during the time of her teaching at Calvin College in a course in literature technique given by multiple scholars, winner of  the National Jewish Book Award for Fiction for two novels. An “astonishing” storyteller who has written an extraordinary novel of the American Civil War period.

Horn, Dara, In the Image: A Novel. Considered a work of “raw genius”, a highly innovative novel dealing with themes of Hebrew legend, Yiddish folklore, romance and tragedy.

Krauss, Pesach and Goldfischer, Morrie, Why Me? Coping with Grief, Loss, and Change. A book on ethics and faith by a chaplain in a large medical center in New York.  Using empathy, tenacity, and innovative wisdom, the principal author Rabbi Krauss reaches into the heart of the patient and the soul of the reader.

Weinbach, Rabbi Mendel (Ed.) and Subar, Rabbi Reuven (Adapt. by)    The Essential Malbim-Flashes of Insight on Bereishis/Genesis. This work represents a collaboration of two rabbis living in Israel, one a product of our own Ahavas Israel (Richard Subar), dealing with the work of a nineteenth century Torah giant of Eastern Europe, as part of a new  ArtScroll series.

Library Acquisitions - May, 2010

Blinder, Rabbi Y. et al (ed),  Ramban: Commentary on the Torah-Leviticus; The completion of our set of the five books of Moses with the commentary of Ramban (Nachmanides).

Dodd, Senator Christopher J., Letters from Nuremberg: My Father’s Narrative of a Quest for Justice; A captivating account of the trial with detail, intrigue and daily drama, re: Goering, Speer, von Ribbentrop, and entourage.

Glazer, Henry, I Thank Therefore I Am: Gateways to Gratefulness; Our recent Scholar in Residence.

Hochauser, Herbert (lecturer),  Holocaust: Nazi Physician Practice and the Ongoing Attempt to Mete Out Justice; From the Maimonides lecture, here as a CD, (was presented at Ahavas on November 8).

Lewis, Shari, One-Minute Jewish Stories; A youth book, with biblical and folk tales.

Lowe, Carl, Three Centuries of Jewish Life in America; (OVERIZE) A pictorial history from Columbus (some of his seamen) onward, including outstanding persons and events.  Beautifully illustrated.

Slater, Robert, Great Jews in Sports; (OVERSIZE) Many familiar figures in baseball, football, boxing-Mel Allen,Greenberg, Barney Ross, Red (Arnold) Auerbach, Benny Leonard, and others.

Library Acquisitions - February, 2010

Carasik, Michael,  Ed.,Transl.); The Commentators’ Bible: The JPS Miqra’ot Gedolot: Leviticus. This is the second volume of a new series by JPS on the Chumash with commentary. (In Reference section)

Cohen, Rev. Dr. A. (Ed.);  The Twelve Prophets: Hebrew Text, English Translation and Commentary (In Reference section)

Dennis, Rabbi Geoffrey W.; The Encyclopedia of Jewish Myth, Magic and Mysticism. An addition in our Reference section to a number of recent volumes on Cabbalah and mysticism.

Dershowitz, Alan  (Ed.); What Israel Means to Me: By 80 Prominent Writers, Performers, Scholars, Politicians, and Journalists. A series of essays by the author of The Case for Israel, Dershowitz serving here as editor.

Hefter, Wendy Chernak; The Complete Jewish Wedding Planner

Mordechai, Tova;  To Play With Fire: One Woman’s Remarkable Odyssey.The remarkable story of a woman brought up in the Christian faith, who looked for her spiritual Jewish roots, and found them. She has appeared in an outstanding recent program of our Jewish Cultural Society held here in October 2009 at Ahavas.

Netanyahu, B.; Don Isaac Abravanel: Statesman and Philosopher. This book by the now deceased father of the present Israeli PM, brother to the hero of Entebbe, was initially published in 1953, and more recently updated in 1998. It  has been recognized as a classic in its time. Abravanel was a statesman of Spain in the area of finance as well as a philosopher and Biblical commentator. He lived through the Diaspora of 1492, dealing directly with Ferdinand. The period is brought vividly back to life in this reedition.

Waxman, Meyer; with Ish-Kishor, Sulamith; and Sloan, Jacob;  Blessed is the Daughter.This book, in three parts with three separate authors, is a guide to the young Bat Mitzvah entry, showing Biblical heroines and Jewish customs pictorially presented.

Weiner, Herbert;  91/2 Mystics-The Kabbala Today. A short insightful comment on the meaning of Kabbala in the contemporary age.

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