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rabbi3Rabbi David J.B. Krishef grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Hebrew and Jewish Studies.  Following a two year stint as a program director at the University of Minnesota Hillel Foundation (serving students at Carleton and Macalester colleges), he entered the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, where he received ordination in 1994.

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Exploring what it means to LIVE Torah ...
  1. Why should Congregation Ahavas Israel and Temple Emanuel share a building? Imagine that 150 years ago or 50 years ago, we had formed an intentionally combined community that supported both traditional and liberal Jewish practice. Imagine that we had offered … Continue reading
  2. God made some animals to demonstrate God’s might and power, like the lion, the tiger, the elephant, the rhinoceros, the great white shark, and the blue whale. Some animals are a demonstration of God’s beauty, like the antelope, the horse, … Continue reading
  3. Last month’s vandalism at the Ahavas Israel cemetery was shocking, disturbing. We wonder who would do such a thing, we wonder about their intent, their motivation. Were they trying to send a message, and if so — what was it? … Continue reading
  4. One of the results of the pandemic worldwide is the necessity of “doing Judaism” at home with less support from a community. Judaism has always been a home based religion, centered around the idea of each individual responsible for their … Continue reading
  5. When this pandemic is over, we will have fundamentally altered the definition of community. A minyan has long been defined as a mini-community. The boundaries of minyan are defined by the space of a room. You are either in the … Continue reading
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