Rosh Hashanah
First Day 

Rosh Hashanah
Second Day 
Yom Kippur
Kol Nidre 

Yom Kippur

Notable Deaths
2022 The Sweetness of a Name Hebrew as a Sustaining Force      
2021 Center for Community Transformation Examining our Jewish Questions  Emerging from the Cave Showing Up to Remember Notable Deaths/5781
2020 You Can't Go Home God is Fluid Break Free Atonement Notable Deaths/5780
2019 Learning from the College Admissions Scandal Hineini: Being Fully Present Death Penalty Embodied Humans or Disembodied Angels? Notable Deaths/5779
2018 Bury the Bird Properly! Separation or Reconciliation?
Judaism: Race or Tribe? Falling Kor'im Notable Deaths/5778
2017 Aging Parasites  Adding to the Fast  Israel  Notable Deaths/5777
2016 Power of Making Connections Sacrifices

The Vidui Confession Ritual, Beating Your Chest

 Kaddish Notable Deaths/5776
2015 Refugee Crisis Clarifying Thoughts Sacred Self-Delusion Mapping Our Lives Notable Deaths/5775
2014 Nourishing the Five Souls Israel - National Spirituality Fear Erasing Memories Notable Deaths/5774
2013 Teshuvah Religious Experience Achieving Peacefulness Torah Study Notable Deaths/5773
2012 Healthy Forgiveness Ethics - Absolute or Relatively Relative What Social Media Cannot Do Winning and Losing Notable Deaths/5772
2011 Blessing, Shalom, and Birkat Kohanim Learning from Honeybees Stewardship Interfaith Understanding Notable Deaths/5771
2010 Lower Manhattan Islamic Center Conversion of N. American Jewry Miners in the Belly of the Fish A Theology of Mi Sheberakh Notable Deaths/5770
2009 Our Time or God's Time? Health Care Rudeness Hopelessness Notable Deaths/5769
2008 Happiness Living With Integrity Membership and Belonging Dying:  Gateway to Living Notable Deaths/5768
2007 Community Israel Mitzvah Miss the Roses Notable Deaths/5767
2006 Sacred Boredom Religion and Politics Carrying Baggage Ensoulment Notable Deaths/5766
2005 Cultivating Humility Sibling Relationships Reproach Torture Notable Deaths/5765
2004 Competition Anger Homosexuality Discovering Your Potential Notable Deaths/5764
2003 Prayer Mr. Rogers and Harry Potter Marketing Ourselves From Age-ing to Sage-ing  
2002 Freedom and Happiness Centrality of Israel Religious Pluralism Yizkor and Traumatic Memory  
2001 Terrorism Israel Stem Cells Yizkor  
2000 Leiberman Judaic Comfort Genome Modesty