As most of you already know by now, I am the current President of Ahavas Israel. My term of office will run for two years. It is an honor to serve as your president; however, along with this honor comes quite a responsibility … one that includes making sure things get done and everything runs smoothly.  One can’t do it all; I can’t do it alone.  As the saying goes, it takes a village…. Ahavas Israel’s village is composed of our staff, board of trustees, and congregation members. 

Our staff includes Rabbi Krishef; office manager, Deb Johnston; and custodian, Tin Geiger. 

Board members are  — Ann Berman, Guy DeJager, Doug de Lange, Jack Finn, Cary Fleischer, Mort Hoffman, Mark ‘Moishe’ Jesin, Judy Joseph, Ed Miller, Diane Rayor, David Reifler, Leah Sauer, Kenneth Strauss, Lanny Thodey, Robin Turetsky, and Patricia Weller, and you are our congregation members. 

The key to success is communication.  I am hoping for a two-way communication between members of the board and members of the congregation. In order to help achieve this goal, every board member has been given a list of about five congregation members that they will be calling on a regular basis. This is your chance to communicate with us while we communicate with you. 

We would like to hear any questions, thoughts, concerns, requests, suggestions, or ideas that you may have for us.  This is your shul; we want you to make use of it by communicating, contributing, volunteering, and participating with us in any way you can. Step up and work with us on any of our committees, help plan programs and activities.  We would welcome your ideas, help, and participation.

Ahavas provides a wide range of religious, educational, and social activities for you. As we move forward this year, I hope it will be a successful year with participation, communication, and involvement from all of you to make it a valuable year for all of us.

As our High Holy days start, and we welcome in the New Year, 5779, remember that the board is here for you; I hope you will be here for us.  Let’s work together for a happy, healthy, successful, sweet year. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at Shul.

Wishing you a very happy New Year

L’Shona Tovah Tikateyvu

Barbara Wepman, President

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