It is my pleasure to greet you this new year with your first “Message from the Board.” There have been a few changes over the last year. Here are the major ones:

  • First, we have a new custodian -- JaQuae (pronounced “Jah-kway”) Denard; he joined us about a year ago, and we are so glad he did! If you haven’t met him yet, please introduce yourself and welcome him when you see him.
  • At our Annual Meeting in June, we elected new board members. Let me introduce all our board members to you: Ann Berman, Abe Cohen, Guy DeJager, Doug de Lange, Toby Weiner Dolinka, Jack Finn, Melissa Hillman, Shoshana Jackson, Judy Joseph, Diane Rayor, Ken Strauss, Lanny Thodey, Pat Weller, and Barbara Wepman.

Once again, I look forward to a successful year with lots of communication between board members and congregation members, lots of participation in the many religious, educational, and social activities offered, and lots of volunteering from our members to make things happen and to get them done.

To accomplish this, I have given each board member a list of several congregation members to contact. They will keep you updated on what is going on and where we need your help. It also offers you a channel to contact them with your thoughts, questions, concerns, ideas, and suggestions.

This is YOUR shul; we want you to be involved and participate in any way you can. Step up -- work with us on any of our committees, help plan programs and activities. We welcome your ideas and help. And, of course, your participation as well!

You have already received your dues letter and pledge form. Please be generous when you make your financial commitment to Ahavas Israel. We can only accomplish things, provide services and activities, and maintain this building with your help. When you think about your pledge, could you add a few more dollars to help make Ahavas Israel productive and prosperous?

As our High Holy days approach, and we welcome in the New Year, 5780, remember that the synagogue is here for YOU; I hope you will be here for us and help make this a pleasant, peaceful, positive year, and successful. Let’s work together for a happy, healthy, sweet 5780. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at our Shul.

Wishing you a very happy New Year

L’shana Tovah Tikateyvu,

Barbara Wepman, President

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