Boy!  What a year 2020 has been so far … so much happening in our world – from Bush Fires in Australia (yes, I even was surrounded by one while I was there … very scary!) to the arrival of the CoVid19 Virus all over the planet … From Forest Fires on our West Coast to Hurricanes in the East … and Strange Windstorms in the middle of our country! … From an incredible Rate of Unemployment to a Recession atmosphere … from Political Divisiveness to Protests in our streets … We will all remember 2020!

Why am I writing about this?   Easy … there is something we ALL can and should do … and our Jewish morays and traditions point the way for us.  We all have an obligation to “make things better”. 

  1. Community – we ALL have an obligation to contribute to the welfare of our community; locally, nationally, and globally.  What can we do?
  • Reach out to our neighbors, friends and relatives … some may be hungry, some may need help finding a job, some may need special help or care in their home, some may just need someone to  “talk to” … make yourself and your resources available to them!
  • Reach out to Organizations that are filling some of these needs as well … donate to a food bank, to a service organization, volunteer at a non-profit … offer to make phone calls, drive those who need transportation, and more.
  • Take advantage of our precious Democracy … Write letters, make phone calls, sign petitions to ensure that our government leaders act responsibly in the face of all this.
  1. Organize – If you see a need out there that is not being addressed, do what you can to organize others to help provide a service that is needed.  Become that resource.
  1. Remember your Civic Duty … this is an important election year … and this message reaches you just days before our Nation officially casts its votes for our next leaders and policies.   


Yes, EVERY VOTE counts! … make sure yours is there … no matter what side of the fence you are on, please make sure your voice is heard … and, if you are ON the fence, be pro-active! … Get informed so you can responsibly make a decision!

Wishing Good Health, Peace, Safety and Happiness to you all … 

Lanny Thodey, Board Trustee, Congregation Ahavas Israel

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