Question: I have a halakhic question about my husband who was converted by a Conservative Rabbi. We are joining a Conservative congregation and one of the questions on the application is Date of Conversion (if applicable). I always thought that once someone converts to Judaism that he or she is Jewish and that individual should not be asked about their conversion. Is such a question appropriate?

Answer: It is likely that the purpose of the question is to address possible concerns that the conversion was not completed properly.  For example, a conversion ceremony without mikvah would not be considered valid by a Conservative rabbi. In addition, the principle of not reminding a Jew by Choice about his/her prior status comes from a mishnah whose intent is to remind us not to embarrass people by reminding them of their sinful past.  Because I don't believe that one's past prior to conversion was inherently sinful, I don't think inquiring about one's conversion is necessarily embarrassing.

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