Rabbi Q & A Question of the Month - Summer, 2012

Question: What is the history behind the dancing of the Mazinka.  Does the wreath that is worn have to be made up of specific greenery or flowers?


Answer:  The name of the Mezinka dance comes from a song composed by Morris Warshavsky (1848-1907).  You can find the full lyrics here.

The word Mezinka means "youngest daughter."

I have not found a definitive source for the tradition, but since the song was likely written in the late 19th century, I would guess that the custom dates from the same time period (since one could not dance the mezinke before the song was written!).  It is possible, however, that there was a folk tradition to dance around the mother at the marriage of her youngest daughter even before this song was written.

The wreath, which is a variation on/addition to the dance itself, is made of flowers - I found no more specific references than this.

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