Earliest Lighting Latest Lighting Havdalah
October 30/31 6:17 p.m.   7:16 p.m.
November 6/7 5:09 p.m.   6:08 p.m.
November 13/14 5:01 p.m.   6:00 p.m. 
November 20/21 4:56 p.m.    5:55 p.m. 
November 27/28 4:52 p.m.   5:51 p.m.
December 4/5 4:50 p.m.    5:49 p.m. 

*We do not kindle new flames (such as by striking a match) on Yom Tov. Therefore, on the second day of Yom Tov or on Shabbat following Yom Tov, light candles from a pre-existing flame, such from a match lit by a Yahrtzeit candle or other flame lit before the beginning of Yom Tov.

**Havdalah after Rosh Hashanah is the blessing over wine and havdalah alone (no spices or candle).

Weekly Service times:

See our online calendar at for the latest updates on the status of Shabbat morning and weekday mornings services.

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