22nd Annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Celebration

"Resilience & Thanksgiving in Uncertainty"

November 22, 2021, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Trinity Lutheran Church
2700 Fulton St E, Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Join us for a celebration where many traditions and cultures will come together to give thanks for one another, even in the midst of uncertainty and division. Through song, dance, prayer, and storytelling we will share gratitude with and for our West Michigan neighbors. A virtual freewill offering will be taken for the Afghan refugee resettlement work
of Samaritas and Bethany Christian Services. 

You can RSVP until 12:00 PM, November 22 at this website:
**The organizing committee has determined that adults who wish to attend in-person
must affirm that they have been vaccinated for COVID-19.**
>>Masks will be required for this event<<
A livestream of the event will be available at http://www.InterfaithUnderstanding.org
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Rabbi Krishef’s study groups and classes

Jewish mysticism/Zohar study group, Mondays, 12:00 - 1:00 p.m., Ahavas Israel.

We are reading through Daniel Matt’s translation and commentary of the Zohar.

Thursday Tanakh study, 1:00 - 2:00 p.m.

We plan to read through the books of Joshua and Judges, approximately one chapter a week. This group has not yet resumed post-pandemic. Contact Rabbi Krishef if you are interested.
Introduction to Judaism, beginning Monday night, October 11

Classes with Cantor Fair, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Torah reading - Late October/November
Leading a Shabbat service - coming this winter

Hebrew classes - Contact Rabbi Krishef if you are interested.

Reading with Elisabeth Rosewall
Conversational with Michal Ravid


High Holidays Schedule (2021)

    Candle Lighting 
     Earliest Latest   
  Shabbat September 3-4  6:53 p.m.  7:54 p.m.  8:52 p.m.
Rosh Hashanah Mon., Sept. 6  7:49 p.m.
Tue.,  Sept. 7 8:47 p.m.*
Wed., Sept. 8  8:45 p.m.**
  Shabbat Sept. 10-11  6:42 p.m.   7:42 p.m.  8:40 p.m.
Yom Kippur Wed., Sept. 15 7:33 p.m.
Thur., Sept. 16 8:31 p.m.
  Shabbat Sept. 17-18 6:32 p.m. 7:29 p.m. 8:27 p.m.
Sukkot Mon., Sept. 20 7:24 p.m.
Tue.,  Sept. 21 8:22 p.m.*
Wed., Sept. 22 8:20 p.m.**
  Shabbat Sept. 24-25 6:21 p.m. 7:16 p.m. 8:15 p.m.
Simhat Torah / Mon., Sept. 27 7:11 p.m..
Shemini Atzeret Tue.,  Sept. 28 8:09 p.m.*
Wed., Sept. 29 8:07 p.m.**
  Shabbat October 1-2 6:11 p.m. 7:04 p.m. 8:02 p.m


*We do not kindle new flames (such as by striking a match) on Yom Tov. Therefore, on the second day of Yom Tov or on Shabbat following Yom Tov, light candles from a pre-existing flame, such from a match lit by a Yahrtzeit candle or other flame lit before the beginning of Yom Tov. 

**After Rosh Hashanah / Yom Tov, Havdalah is only the blessing over wine and havdalah alone (no spices or candle).

Ahavas Israel Book Group

Make a note of the following books to read with the Ahavas Israel book group:

August - On August 11 the CAI Book Group will discuss Spies of No Country by Matti Friedman. It is about a pre-independence Zionist intelligence unit, the Arab Section, that operated inside the French Mandate territory for Syria and  Lebanon towards the end of the British Mandate for Palestine.

November - All the Rivers, by Dorit Rabinyan (fiction)
Banned in Israeli schools by the Ministry of Education, All the Rivers introduces us to a love story fraught with controversy. Liat, the narrator, is a translator from Tel Aviv who while temporarily living in New York City on a fellowship, meets and is immediately entranced by Hilmi, a handsome and captivating Palestinian artist from Ramallah, living in Brooklyn. Although fully aware of the potential complications and repercussions, Liat engages in an intense and passionate six month relationship with Hilm until she returns to Israel. While the lovers’ political differences would pose an impenetrable obstacle to their romance in their respective homelands, the obstacle seems nonexistent in the diaspora of New York City. Rabinyan carefully portrays the trajectory of the relationship as it evolves from an innocent fling into a genuine and passionate love affair, albeit one that is overshadowed by the characters’ realities back home.

February, 2022 - Becoming Eve, by Abby Chava Stein (non-fiction)
“Holy Creator, I am going to sleep now, and I look like a boy. I am begging you, when I wake up in the morning, I want to be a girl…God, you have enough boys. You do not need me to be a boy. I promise, if I wake up as a girl, I will make up for it by having many boys, who will be the most studied and pious boys.”

Abby Chava Stein remembers saying this nightly prayer as a child, which encapsulates much of what makes her memoir captivating: the balance between her love for the Jewish community and Jewish learning, and the restrictiveness of communal norms, the balance of humor and heartbreak in her recollections of growing up, and the core personality of an inventive girl, always hungry for learning, living in a world where inventiveness was frowned upon.

May, 2022 - The Dovekeepers, by Alice Hoffman (fiction)
It’s not easy to make characters living in 70 C.E., fighting the Romans on Masada, breathe on the page, but Alice Hoffman’s masterpiece succeeds. Two women and five children survived the massacre, according to first-century Jewish historian Josephus. Hoffman builds upon his ancient account, using it as a starting point to tell the stories of four women whose divergent paths brought them to Masada.


Delving Into Our History

With the help of Peg Finkelstein from the Temple Emanuel Archives, significant progress has been made on Ahavas Israel's Gen and Jack Finkelstein Archives, generously funded by Mort and Peg Finkelstein and Raleigh Finkelstein in memory of their parents. Contributions to the Gen and Jack Archive Fund provide continued support. The committee is working at the synagogue Wednesday mornings from 10AM until noon.  If you are interested in being a part of this important project, please contact Toby Weiner Dolinka at 949-6528.
If you have materials (especially photographs) that would be valuable for the archives, please contact Toby.

Family Promise

We provide meals and support to our partner congregation in the Family Promise shelter program, Trinity Lutheran Church, 2700 Fulton St E. Please help - we need volunteers to bring part of a meal and participate in organizing children’s activities. To help, contact Mort Hoffman, 616-949-6088 or 616-361-2738.

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