Congregation Ahavas Israel welcomes all persons who wish to explore a spiritual path using Traditional Jewish practice in an egalitarian Conservative Jewish setting.

It is Ahavas Israel’s membership policy, whether you are unaffiliated or currently a member of another institution, to welcome you and thank you for your membership and participation at Ahavas Israel.

It is Ahavas Israel’s dues policy to ask you to set your own level of yearly dues.  We’ll talk to you about the actual cost of running the synagogue and encourage you to take that into account, but the final decision as to your dues offering is yours.

Interested in learning more about us or becoming a part of our community? You can download an informational brochure here, and you can download a membership application here. Ahavas Israel has a special affiliation category for those who are not Jewish who want to support the work that we do, called “B’nai Noah” affiliation. You can find the B‘nai Noah application here.

For more information, please contact the office and we’ll have someone from the board get in touch with you.

The story of Ahavas Israel:

At Congregation Ahavas Israel, we are committed to welcoming and providing community support to all persons seeking a spiritual path using traditional Jewish practice in a modern, egalitarian Conservative Jewish setting. Ahavas Israel offers a warm and friendly Shabbat experience, as well as diverse religious and social activities for families and adults, including Torah study, Junior Congregation, art workshops, and a community garden. Ahavas is fortunate to have an active, thoughtful Rabbi with a great teaching manner and a mensch of a Hazzan/Cantor with a wonderful, engaging voice and a down-to-earth sense of humor. Children ages two through high school participate in an active, joint Conservative-Reform United Jewish School that has an excellent curriculum and high retention rates. Rabbi Krishef also offers special activities (including Hebrew enrichment) for Ahavas Israel children attending the religious school. A diverse group of people in business, professions, and academics from a wide variety of backgrounds enriches our congregational life. We understand that each person’s path to Jewish engagement is different, depending upon one’s education, age, sexual orientation, family structure, and socio-economic status among other factors. Allow us to welcome you into our family.