Executive Board

Ann Berman, President
Judy Joseph, Executive Vice President
Danielle Flaumenhaft, Vice President
Allyson Cole-Strauss, Vice President
Mike Halprin, Treasurer
Suzanne Douglas, Secretary
Sandy Freed, Past President

Board of Trustees

Esther Bookbinder, Board of Trustees, term ending 2023
Melissa Hillman, Board of Trustees, term ending 2023
Jim Siegel, Board of Trustees, term ending 2023
Marc Silverstein, Board of Trustees, term ending 2024
Barbara Freed, Board of Trustees, term ending 2024
Elisabeth Rosewall, Board of Trustees, term ending 2024
Abe Cohen, Board of Trustees, term ending 2025
Jim Flood, Board of Trustees, term ending 2025
Dale Kramer, Board of Trustees, term ending 2025
Sandy Freed, Past President
Barb Wepman, Past President

Committee Chairs

Marc Silverstein, Religious Life Committee co-Chair
Elisabeth Rosewall, Religious Life Committee co-Chair
Rhonda Reider, Scrip Committee Chair
Deb Johnston, Voice editor contact
Ed Miller, Cemetery Committee Chair
Abe Cohen, Membership Committee Chair

From the President

As we look forward to warm summer days, I’m reminded that our biggest fundraiser of the year has just kicked off. That is the Cadillac of Raffles. I strongly encourage everyone to purchase a minimum of one ticket. If a ticket has not been sent to you, don’t worry, you can still get in on … Read more

Board Message, May 2023

Most of you have now heard that Cantor Fair will no longer be serving Ahavas Israel, and we just wanted to share a few thoughts on his departure. Our original contract with Temple Emanuel to provide cantorial services gave us Cantor Fair for four hours a week of his time. This equated to about two … Read more

From The Board, April 2023

In March, the Jewish Community Legacy Project had its first meeting for presidents of small congregations, which are defined as those made up of 130 or fewer member units. We met on Zoom for a discussion on the various challenges facing congregations.  The topic of Engagement was discussed, which seems to be a very common … Read more

Board Voice Article, March, 2023

My family moved to Grand Rapids In 1973 when my husband accepted a position as a pathologist at St. Mary’s Hospital, and we became members of Ahavas Israel. I have been a member of the Wednesday morning minyan for over forty years and a regular at Shabbat services. I’ve been active at Ahavas Israel in … Read more