From the Rabbi

Rabbi Krishef has dedicated his life to spreading the teachings of Judaism and offering guidance to those in need. Through his years of study and experience, he has gained a wealth of knowledge and wisdom on a variety of topics related to the Jewish faith and culture.

On this page, you will find a collection of writings by the Rabbi on a range of subjects, including but not limited to:

  • The importance of prayer and meditation in the Jewish tradition
  • Understanding the Torah and its teachings
  • Insights into the Jewish holiday celebrations and customs
  • Reflections on the role of the Jewish community in today’s world

Each writing is carefully crafted to offer meaningful and insightful perspectives on the topic at hand. Whether you’re looking to deepen your own understanding of the Jewish faith or simply interested in learning more, these writings are sure to enlighten and inspire.

Divre Harav, Words from the Rabbi – Rabbi Krishef’s bulletin articles and blog (external site)

  • by Rabbi David Krishef
    Supporting Christian Zionists and Evangelicals for Israel Many Jews, especially liberal Jews, have a hard time accepting the friendship of evangelical Christians. The two communities disagree on so much – abortion, public education, gender issues, appropriate books for libraries and … Continue reading →
  • by Rabbi David Krishef
    I have devoted my Rabbinic career to the advancement of small congregations, and hope to do so here in Grand Rapids until I retire. Small congregations are not just miniature versions of big congregations. We are a different sort of … Continue reading →
  • by Rabbi David Krishef
    Growing up, celebrating Israel’s birthday was always a community event. I remember walks for Israel, in which we would solicit pledges for every kilometer we walked to celebrate Israel’s birthday. I remember concerts of Israeli music, Israeli food, a celebration … Continue reading →
  • by Rabbi David Krishef
    Back in December, I set a goal for myself to meet with the superintendents of the eight largest school districts in the Grand Rapids area, plus East Grand Rapids and Holland, to talk about the issue of antisemitism. We’ve been … Continue reading →
  • by Rabbi David Krishef
    The best short term response to the tragic shooting at MSU this week is to go to your house of worship this Saturday or Sunday. To find out why, read on: Ford produces cars. Microsoft produces software for presenting ideas. … Continue reading →
  • by Rabbi David Krishef
    Gathering for prayer and study is the core activity of a synagogue. Making this happen requires the participation of the community, to form a minyan of ten adult Jews, to welcome people as they come in the door, and to … Continue reading →

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