Yom Tov – Miscellaneous

Question: I am a Christian that feels lost like I am missing something very important.  I need to know my Jewish history, feast dates, etc.  I know God said a lot of the feasts were forever to be observed and I am greatly confused as to why the churches I have been to do not.  … Read more

Yom Tov – Purim

Question:  Hi, We learn in Purim that you are supposed to give Matanot La’evyonim. Well what if I send a letter with money in it to my friend in Israel for him to give out.  I live in America. Do I still fulfill my obligation of Matanot Laevyonim if it comes too late or too … Read more

Yom Tov – Hanukkah

Question:  How do different Jewish families celebrate Hanukkah throughout the world? Answer: Hanukkah is basically celebrated the same all around the world.  We say the blessings and light the Hanukkiah, and eat foods that have been cooked with oil, such as Latkes and Sufganiot (jelly donuts) to remember the miracle.  I think the dreidel game … Read more

Yom Tov – Shavuot

Question:  I am confused about Shavuot.  Is it the giving of the Torah or the 10 commandments to Moses or both.  Is it that the Commandments are contained in the Torah?  How did Moses receive the torah if the Torah contains the stories of Moses including his receiveing of the commandments and his death?  did … Read more

Yom Tov – Pesah on Saturday Night

Question: What practices are to be followed when the first night of Passover falls on a Saturday night? Adapted from the teshuvah “When Passover Begins on Saturday Night,” by RABBI KASSEL ABELSON, adopted by the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards of the Conservative movement, December 9, 1993.Answer: Many of the practices that are usually … Read more

Yom Tov – Pesah – Kashrut

Question: I’m so confused. Every list of what is permissible to eat on Pesah is different!  My mother doesn’t even know for sure.  Please help us.Answer: The Rabbinical Assembly Pesah Guide 5770 This guide is based on the Guide that was prepared for the Rabbinical Assembly Committee on Jewish Law and Standards by Rabbi Mayer Rabinowitz … Read more

Yom Tov – Pesah – General

Question:  What is it significance of the date passover falls on and the phase of the moon? Answer: The date on which to observe Passover comes from the Torah — it is the anniversary of the day upon which God brought the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt.  It occurred on the 15th of the … Read more

Tanakh 2&3 – Prophets & Writings

Question:  In Joshua Chapter 1 God describes the boundaries of Israel.  Could you explain this in what these boundaries would be today?  Israel was to get all the land of the Hittites. Who were these people and who are their descendants today?  Could you send me a map at the time of conquest and a … Read more

Tanakh – Torah (3) – Leviticus – Deuteronomy

Question:  The Torah portions of Leviticus focus on animal sacrifices. I feel very uncomfortable year after year when we try to discuss this concept as part of our weekly Torah Study.  Would you consider an outright substitution of something else for these portions, and what would you recommend? Answer: If your group is a parashat … Read more

Tanakh – Torah (2) – Exodus

Question:  Please define:  Exodus. Answer: Exodus is the name of the second book of the Torah and a reference to the historical liberation of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. Question:  I have done a lot of studying from various sources during the times of the great Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, Ramses II. Do you … Read more